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2nd Annual Soup's   On! 

 Saturday,   September   28th, 2019

What a fun evening we had! A perfect evening to have soup, bread, dessert and time with old and new friends.

The large selection of bowls donated by well known potter Chris Thompson. Everyone had a hard time picking just one!

A thank-you to The Country Florist for donating  time and beautiful flowers for each table and around the room. The colors enhanced the festive mood.

Bridges to Housing would like to thank Ting's Refuge Restaurant for donating the room, linens, and glassware for the second year! It is a great venue for our fundraiser.

We also need to thank our Servers. They were a great group from Yuba City High School Key Club. Their smiles were as warm as the soups! 

For those who do not know who we are, here are pictures of our Board of Directors. They are the ones who spent many hours putting this expanding fundraiser together.

Sharon Foote, talking with potter Chris Thompson. Thank you Chris for donating your time to create beautiful bowls for our Soup's On! We couldn't do this without you!

Anne Fletcher, founding member and past President. 

From left to right: Clarice Darling, Susan Kimmel, and Pamela Langan.

Kathy Ripley, was helping Sharon with the Raffle.  

Kathy, Clarice, Pamela, Anne, Frank Hopkins (past Board Member), Sharon, Hope Goudie, Susan, and Margaret MacDonald.

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