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Home Sweet Home:   Success Stories

Mary, a mother of seven, was homeless for a year and a half, living with a cousin until she could accumulate enough money to get her own place. On her own, she located a house in Yuba City, was able to pay the rent and part of the deposit. However, she lacked $200 to complete the deposit.


She came to Bridges to Housing for assistance in July 2010 and we were able to help her cover the $200 balance. She expressed her gratitude in a letter to our organization for making it possible for her family to have a place they could call home.


Mary works as a caregiver in her home. The children now have a puppy.

Maria came to Bridges because she had been unable to find affordable housing for herself and her five children. She receives AFDC benefits, supplementing her income of $788 by making and selling tamales. Maria has struggled to keep her family together. Despite her limited income, she continues to keep her family from becoming homeless.


Check in soon to find out how Bridges to Housing was able to help us :)

Gail is a senior who is dependent on a very small income from SSD and SSI. She has problems with her spine which make walking difficult; because of this health issue, she required housing that was easily accessible.  She had been living with friends for several years when she finally qualified for the "Section 8" housing program. However, her attempts to find affordable housing that accepted her Section 8 voucher were not successful.  So, she turned to Bridges to Housing for help. Our volunteer was able to locate housing in an apartment complex which had a downstairs unit available. Bridges also was able to assist her with half of the $475 rental deposit.

Her passion is reading and she spends much of her time at the library. She is content, finally having a place she can call home.

Nichole and her three daughters are enjoying their new home in Live Oak. The complex is near schools and stores and a park in their yard.

Leonor and her grandson have settled comfortably in a Live Oak Apartment. 

A Yuba City house is the new home of this family of four.

Milton enjoys cooking delicious meals in his kitchen. He

has been happy in a senior living apartment in Live Oak.

Stacy and her daughter and 3 grandchildren are living in Marysville now. They are enjoying their large apartment and having fun outside. 

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