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Community Brief: Volunteers for Bridges to Housing

Appeal-Democrat   Jul 22, 2018

     Volunteers and donations are sought for Bridges of Housing, a nonprofit group dedicated to placing homeless people into homes. 

     Volunteers must be 18 years or older and are fingerprinted. Volunteer duties include office work and in-take of clients. 

     Cash donations may be sent to Bridges to Housing, 909 Spiva Ave., Yuba City. 

      The facility in Yuba City placed 48 families and children into houses so far in 2018. 

     For more information, call 755-3414.

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Restoring hope with Bridges to Housing

By Kayla Webster   Nov 26, 2017 Updated Nov 27, 2017
















Bridges to Housing helped Jeanette Williams get her own apartment after she became homeless earlier this year.

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     No matter the physical or emotional pain, people often choose to stay in abusive relationships because they depend on the abuser for housing and can’t afford to move into a place of their own, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. But victims don’t have to continue living in fear; there are nonprofit organizations geared to help people obtain safe housing.

     Earlier this year, Jeanette Williams, 59, of Marysville, escaped domestic violence; but working up the nerve to leave her abuser left her and her son without a home. With nowhere to stay, Williams sought help from Bridges to Housing – a local nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless find permanent housing.  “I was in an abusive relationship and was living with my son; I ended up leaving him and came here (Bridges to Housing) for help,” Williams said. “It was very helpful to me because they gave us places to come off the street and they fed us well.”

     Bridges to Housing is inside the Hands of Hope office – another local nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless. Clients from Bridges to Housing are often referred to Hands of Hope for additional assistance; the charity provides facilities to shower, meals and rides.  “They let us shower, gave us clothes and rides to the hospital; they’re very concerned people,” Williams said. “You can use them as an address if you don’t have anywhere for mail to come from.”

     Within no time, Williams was able to move into her own apartment with help from Bridges. The organization negotiates with local landlords to lower apartment deposits to more affordable amounts. But if clients still can’t afford to pay the deposit, Bridges to Housing will pay a percentage.

     “They kept me off the streets; I’m so grateful,” Williams said.

      Now that she’s in a place of her own, Williams is focusing on her career prospects by taking classes at Yuba College. After she completes her coursework, Williams’s next dream is to serve as a mentor to people who are in the same position. “I’m going to school for human services; I’m hoping I can volunteer somewhere so I can help someone with how it helped me,” Williams said. “I’d like to help homeless people and share my story with them and how the program helps. There’s a lot of hurting people that need love.”

     Williams advises anyone struggling with homelessness to seek out help from Bridges to Housing. 

     The non-profit is completely run by grants and donations; anyone interested in contributing can donate on the Bridges to Housing website.


Additional Information: 

What: Bridges to Housing    

Address: 909 Spiva Ave., Yuba City    

Phone: 755-3414     


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